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Author : Davina Fang, Abby Huang
Update time : 2020-10-12 22:41:42
  Since the end of 2019, the epidemic has spread for three quarters, and the much-discussed environmental issues in 2018-2019 have been overshadowed by the number of confirmed cases and fatal cases.  Some people said this maybe the world’s counterattack, COVID-19 reduced our activities and the destruction of the world to give the earth a breathing.
  The London Centre for Climate Change Research pointed out that under the influence of the epidemic, the global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fuels can be reduced by about 7% in 2020. But experts point out that in the long run, this will hardly help alleviate global warming.
  After the chaotic situation of the epidemic, the governments made policies and planned epidemic prevention measures, and people also looked for another way of life, which may also be another way of incubating global warming.   
  Therefore, we are in an industry that is not considered "environmental friendly" by the public, we dare not stop our pursuit of environmental protection and carbon reduction. 
  Since the establishment of new business units and production lines in mid-2019, we have begun to develop and produce biodegradable products, as well as the same biodegradable PLA plastic products. At the same time, we prefer to recommend our customers to use single recyclable material: PP and PET to replace laminated and difficult-to-recycle products.   
  In the near future, we can’t meet in offline exhibitions, but network is allowing us to break the limitation of distance to meet online. In the late October, we will introduce our new-design product through the live broadcast system of Alibaba platform. From our best-selling plastic take out boxes with more than 17 years of production experience, to the high-quality bamboo pulp products that we have won praise from many customers in our starting stage, they all will be displayed and introduced in this live broadcast.
  Looking forward to meeting you all in this live show.

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