The disposable tableware you use may be made of medical waste?

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Author : Lisa Liang
Update time : 2023-03-25 15:03:12
  Do you know that March 15th of each year is International Consumer Rights Day, established in 1983 by the organization Consumers Union International. On this day, the world will advocate everyone to raise awareness of consumer counterfeiting and monitor and fight against fake products in society.
  In this year's world consumer rights day, government was exposed to the shocking insider: Medical waste recycling is surprisingly made into tableware, disposable food packaging, toys, coffee cups and other products hazardous to human health by unscrupulous businesses. In an unannounced investigation found that in some dilapidated plants, densely packed with medical waste to be processed, such as infusion tubes, medical gloves, and blood storage bags stained with unknown origin, and residual urine bags of patients. These medical wastes, which should have been disposed of centrally and harmlessly, are turned into a kind of white plastic pellets (commonly known as recycled pellets) after a simple processing. Because of its cheap price, some unscrupulous businessmen will purchase this material to make products. Currently, these recycled pellets are currently most often used in the manufacture of take-out boxes. The medical waste is different from general waste and is extremely dangerous if not properly disposed of and comes into contact with human wounds or people with low immunity.

  Therefore, what can be more important than an environmentally friendly and healthy lunch box with safe quality?

  Harvest has been implementing the spirit of integrity and law-abiding, supplying safer, more effective and environmentally friendly food packaging, which is tested by SGS and FDA every year. Our raw materials are food grade, safe and harmless to human body. The disposable plastic lunch boxes are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials, which are certified by third-party testing institutions, and can be used in direct contact with food. The fiber pulp food packaging products are made of unbleached straw and sugar cane fibers, which have strong hardness and are not easily deformed when exposed to heat. The kraft paper boxes are made of virgin wood pulp, without adding fluorescent agents.

  Every production process is strictly controlled to ensure the production of disposable food packaging products that meet food safety requirements in order to safeguard the health rights of end consumers.
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