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Delivery date around the Chinese New Year

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Author : Davina Fang
Update time : 2019-11-28 13:09:30
Dear customers
  Thank you all for your trust and support in Harvest, and we are proud to be your partner. In the future, we continuously stay on top of providing high-quality food packaging products with our enthusiasm. Furthermore, Harvest is about to launch a series of new products in 2020 to pursuit the aim of efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable food packaging solution.
  Because of the Chinese New Year, please notice that our last delivery date is 1/20/2020 and the earliest delivery date after the vacation is 2/5/2020. For maintain the supply continuously, please check your stock and require quantity in advance , and contact our sales early. Besides, our supply of auxiliary material should have a longer vacation than us, if there is special carton and label requirement in your order, we need more time to prepare.
  Thank you again for your trust and cooperation and hope that you are healthy! Family happiness! Prosperity!

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