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New Biodegradable Materials - PLA and Pulp

  In recent years, some developed countries have successively put forward policies of plastic limit and plastic reduction. Biodegradable materials such as pulp and polylactic acid (PLA) are environmentally friendly materials with relatively mature technologies that can partially replace plastics. The new biodegradable materials become the alternatives of plastic food packaging for most buyers. To meet the diversified food packaging needs of customers, Harvest has developed a series of food packaging products made of pulp and PLA to provide more diversified solutions.

Polylactic acid (PLA)
  PLA is made of cornstarch extract, which can be decomposed and reused. The production of the process can reduce the electrictity consumption and carbon dioxide emission. The biodegradable plastic can be decomposed and converted into water and carbon dioxide in an appropriate environment, and then returned to the environment to become nutrient for breeding plants. Depending on differient size and thickness of the product and the conditions of decomposition, the degradability time will take about 90-180 days. Since PLA is not heat resistant, it is not appropriate to use PLA products in environments over 50 degrees. The product is suitable for cold foods such as sushi and salad.

Pulp products
  Pulp products are made from natural plant fiber, such as sugarcane fiber, bamboo fiber, and so on. The production processes includes mixing and stirring, high temperature and high-pressure molding, cutting burrs, and so on. To conform to the demands of environmental protection, our pulp products use unbleached virgin pulp. Its decomposition process is the same as the process ordinary plant compost, being decomposed by microorganisms in a composting environment for about 120 days. The pulp products can be used in microwave and stored in the refrigerator. Even it is made from natural fiber, our pulp products is waterproof and oil-proof (it can be stored for 12 hours at rest without permeation). The pulp product can be applied into varieties of food packaging.