Rectangular Plastic Food Box -J-85 Series

Item No.: J-85 Series
J-85 series disposable food to go packaging box is the best choice for delivery. The box is easily covered and not easy to be opened during delivery. But don't worry that the lid will be too hard to open.
  • Material: Lid: OPS, Base: PS
  • Usage: Sushi, cake, dessert, fruit, food packaging
  • Temperature Resistance: PS: -10℃~80℃
  • Description
    Harvest J-85 Series Disposable Rectangular Plastic Food Box

    The J-85 series sushi box is the best choice for take-out and takeaway sushi boxes for Japanese restaurants. This box is not designed to display sushi food, so in contrast to our other series of sushi boxes, the bottom box is taller, and the lid is shallower. During delivery, the taller box protects the food from being shaken and tipped over. It can be used to pack sashimi, gunkan sushi, nigiri, sushi rolls, and cold foods such as cold seaweed salad, kimchi, and pickles.
    The lid is designed with an inner buckle, a way of fasten the box, which is mainly convenient for users to pack food, quickly close the lid. The lid is not easy to be opened during the delivery process. However, do not worry about causing the bad end-consumer experience, as long as you pinch the edge of the lid and slightly force to open the box.
    • Convenient for take-out delivery - The taller box protects the sushi from shaking and tipping due to transportation.
    • Convenient for fast packing - The stacking structure of the boxes is specially designed so that the boxes do not stick together when they are picked up, making user quickly pick up the boxes and pack the food.
    • Cover tightly - the lid is designed with inner fasten. When users pack food, they can quickly cover the box, and does not easily pop open.

    J-8530 Harvest Disposable Plastic Food To Go Packaging BoxThis series is made from PS material, it is more suitable for cold food.



    Products Size (mm)

    (Lid, Base)




     Lid: OPS

     Base: PS

    120x101x20   140x115x42



    157x116x21   170x129x37



    171x117x20   186x131x33



    192x119x20   206x132x33



    203x135x22   217x150x33



    222x150x22   236x164x33



    247x183x22   261x197x33


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