Harvest HP-00 Small Disposable Plastic Sushi Containers

Item No.: HP-00
HP Series sushi containers are our classic japanese food packaging for sushi, there are various size and colour printing you can choose. We also provide sushi containers made of PLA, PET, and biodegradable fiber pulp.
  • Material: Lid: OPS, Base: PS
  • Product Size (mm): Lid: 143x83x30, Base: 140x80x21.5
  • Usage: Sushi, cake, dessert, fruit, food packaging
  • Temperature Resistance: PS: -10℃~80℃
  • Packing: 800 sets/ctn
  • Carton Size (cm): 58x29.5x34
  • Cuft/ctn: 2.05
  • Description

    Harvest Plastic Disposable Customized Printing Sushi Trays
    The classic Japanese style printing harvest sushi tray is our hottest selling product.
    You can choose our standard pattern for your sushi food packaging, or you can design your own printing making your products outstanding.
    The sushi tray with lid is suitable for using in any display case or delivery services.
    To perfectly displaying your food in the sushi container, the transparent lid must be anti-fogging. Harvest HP sushi tray’s lid is anti-fogging. It means there are not easily forming drips on lid keeping it transparency.
    The structure of HP sushi container is also the hot-selling factor. The Base is not smooth so that the food will not be messy while delivering. The shape of lid and base make the box stacks stably.
    • Food safety and food grade material
    • Various material could be chosen – PS, PET, PLA (Biodegradable polylactic acid), Pulp (Compostable unbleached bamboo pulp)
    • Clear ant-fogging Lid – keep transparency to present your food perfectly.
    • Available in usual 8 sizes

    Harvest Plastic Disposable Customized Printing Sushi TraysHarvest HP-00 Small Disposable Plastic Sushi Containers
    Harvest Plastic Disposable Customized Printing Sushi Trays, Harvest Food packaging Manufacturer
     Item Material  

    Products Size(mm)

    (Lid, Base)




       Lid: OPS 

    Base:  PS 


       143x83x30    140x80x21.5  800
    HP-01  168x93x31    164x89x21  600
    HP-02  225×95×33    217×90×18  400
    HP-03  168×117×30   165×115×20  400
    HP-05  186×129×30   185×128×20  400
    HP-07  217×137×30   216×135×20  400
    HP-09 240×147×26   238×145×23 300
    HP-11     261.5x189x30   259x186.5x23.5  200