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Packaging Solution
Product Functionality

  With more than 16-year experience, we aim to provide practical and functional products to our customers whether it is custom or standard product. The following are common functions of food containers:

Anti-fog Cover: The treatment of anti-fog prevents the generation of condesing water drop on the cover even putting into refrigerator or higher temperatue enviornment. The remaining transparent cover presents the original outlook of food without possibility of fog.

Non-slip: Because of the concave-convexed design of the box base and lid, it is stacking stably in case of containers with food and difficult to slip over during transportation. According to the thickness of the product, stackability is about 3-4 layers with food inside.

U-shaped vent: U-shaped vent holes on the cover allow the hot air of food to ventilate, to prevent the hot air pressure inside the container from affecting the tightness of the container.

Snap-fit designs: different fastening designs meet different packaging requirements. Among them, the 4th, 5th and 6th design of fastening can make the product leak-proof.

Staggered stacking points: the points on the containers make it convenient to detach and prevents to clasp.